The most famous shopping place in Marsa Matruh

The most famous shopping place in Marsa Matruh

Alexandria Street Market:

I can quickly describe to you the pleasure of shopping inside it

The market is located on Alexandria Street and is considered one of the most famous streets in Matrouh, which witnesses the gathering of vacationers from several governorates of Egypt every year. The location of the market is considered “downtown”, as most people describe it, and it is preferred by many to live near it, as in Lido Street and Alam Al-Rum Street, where hotels and distinctive summer projects are available. The market is famous for its herbs, pulp and mint stores, as well as clothing and accessories stores, and handicraft exhibitions that express the beautiful Bedouin environment. Do not be surprised if someone tells you that he does not feel his summer in Matrouh if he misses a visit to this market; The shopping experience in it is really enjoyable and has a special place in the memory and heart

Libya Market:

It is called that because most of the goods in it come from the neighboring country of Matrouh (Libya).

It is one of Matrouh’s tourist attractions and one of the most visited places by Egyptians or foreigners. It is famous for its types of Bedouin olives, medicinal herbs and distinguished Arab abayas, as well as clothes, shoes, household appliances and foodstuffs … There is a very special atmosphere in the Arab environment that visitors enjoy this integrated market, where the elements of entertainment and roaming are without boredom.



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