Delmar Hotel Business Services

In a busy working day, you may well need to have a quiet place where you can sit and work, read the day's newspapers, watch TV or concentrate on a good book. In the hotel's lounge, which is located to the right of the hotel's reception, you will find a quiet environment, relaxation area, newspapers..

We Do Our Best

Delmar Hotel Business Lounge has everything you would expect from a modern conference hotel, while our restaurants serve our guests with exquisite food and drink. 


Delmar Hotel (Marsa Matrouh) Perfect meeting takes a lot of preparation!

Delmar Hotel (Marsa Matrouh) is a delightful setting with professional staff who takes care of all the practical details, so you need only concern yourself with the content of the meeting.

Delmar Hotel has well-appointed conference room of varying sizes, with air conditioning, Wi-Fi and AV equipment.

We can accommodate 30 people classroom style in U-Shap and 200 people theatre style, and can offer both day meetings and all day meetings.

If you need assistance to send a fax, or you need a few documents photocopied, our professional reception staff is ready to help you. The only thing you need to do is enquire at the hotel's reception and we will take care of the rest.

The perfect meeting takes a lot of preparation. 

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